Kanishk Singh

Runes of Undocumented Code

23 Dec 2021

About Me

I’m a Software Engineer, working remotely from Mumbai, India.

I love building solutions to real life problems with code.

I work at Thinkify Labs, where I’m currently working with the IaaS team at Netskope, building solutions for Public Cloud Security.

If you’d like to chat, you can reach out to me at hey@kanishk.io

You can see my resume here.


diomedes Get an email as soon as a movie starts ticket sales on BookMyShow in a theater near you

gobms An unofficial API wrapper for BookMyShow.com written in Go

diomedes-search A serverless teeny-tiny version of Diomedes which sends alerts to Telegram. Written in Go.

MIS-Bot A telegram bot for my college which helps students track their attendance, see tests and itinerary reports and more fun stuff! Currently used by more than 600 students